Best Urinary Foods for Cats

Why prescription diets?

Your veterinarian might prescribe a prescription diet for your cat instead of an over-the-counter food. This is because prescription urinary foods have been designed, studied, and proven to help reduce urinary issues.

  • Precise blend of nutrients, vitamins, and minerals to keep the urinary pH in the optimal zone.
  • May help reduce bladder inflammation.
  • Can help reduce stone formation and even dissolve existing  struvite stones.
  • Promote increased water intake to flush the bladder.

Best of the Best:

Top 3 Urinary Diets for Cats

In terms of effectiveness, you can’t go wrong with any of these diets. Feeding your cat only wet food if you are able is always the best option. This ensures that your cat is getting enough moisture in their body and promotes continual flushing of the bladder.

My favorite urinary diet for cats is Hills c/d Stress + Metabolic. This food addresses bladder health, stress, and obesity. It gives you the most control over the factors that may be affecting your cat’s urinary health.

Check out more details and current pricing here…


What about over the counter urinary foods?

What if a food bag or can indicates it helps with urinary issues but isn’t a prescription? These foods likely do not have the science and evidence to support their claims. However, some people report that their cats do very well eating an all-wet food over the counter diet. Always check with your vet first!

Please note, Hills has a “SOX Shield,” and Royal Canin has an “S/O Index” on some of their foods. These foods are designed to support a healthy bladder and urinary environment but are not primarily intended to treat urinary issues.

Does your cat eat a urinary food? Which one does your cat like best? Which one do you like best? Why?

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